Customized box


We can respond to your requests for custom-made safes.

Choice of materials: Aluzinc®/ Aluminium/Stainless steel
Options of your choice: complete painting, door only, shelf, drawer, sliding tray, basket…

Decreasing price according to the volume of the order

Welcome to our dedicated page for custom-made chests, a solution tailored to your specific storage and transportation needs. We offer a complete range of custom-made chests designed to meet your most precise requirements. Whether you need additional storage space for your utility vehicle, van, or are looking to maximize the efficiency of your space, our custom-made chests are the ideal solution.

Our chests are made from different sheets to meet your specific needs: galvanized, aluzinc, stainless steel, aluminum, checkerplate aluminum, topgrip aluminum. Each of these sheet options offers exceptional strength and adapts to various environments and conditions.

Customization is at the heart of our offering. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of options, including adding shelves, partitions, drawers, trays, tanks, and even lowered thresholds for easy loading and unloading. This flexibility allows you to create a custom-made chest that precisely matches your professional needs.

We take pride in offering you a range of custom-made chests that meet high standards in terms of manufacturing quality and durability. Each chest is carefully designed to ensure optimal use and exceptional longevity, thus ensuring the protection of your tools, equipment, or goods during transportation.

Discover our range of custom-made chests and choose quality, durability, and customization. For any additional information or to discuss your specific needs, feel free to contact us. Transform your storage space with our custom-made chests designed to meet all your professional requirements.