Tool holder Aluzinc® 30/10

Tool holder Aluzinc® 30/10

Made of 30/10 Aluzinc®, locked by natural rubber tensioning and quick release hook.
Insertion on front panels with grids or by bolting.

Reference : BEOPT027 

Decreasing price according to the volume of the order

Optimize the storage of your dump truck with our tool carrier. Specially designed to be installed on the front face of a dump truck, this ingenious accessory provides a practical and secure solution for the transport and quick access to your essential tools.

The tool carrier stands out with its quick tension hook, allowing for swift installation on the front face of the dump truck. Thanks to this clever mechanism, you save valuable time on the job site, ensuring a smooth transition between transport and work.

The rubber locking mechanism provides a robust and secure attachment for your tools, preventing any unwanted movement during transport. Stability and safety are prioritized, ensuring maximum protection for your valuable equipment.

Whether you are in construction, landscaping, or other sectors requiring optimal mobility and accessibility, our tool carrier is a solution tailored to your needs. The intelligent and robust design ensures exceptional durability, even in demanding working conditions.

The base color is yellow, and it is also possible to order the raw version (unpainted).

Simplify your movements on the job site and maximize the efficiency of your team with our tool carrier. Explore our catalog to discover the various features.