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Tarp Box

Tarp Box Tarp Box made from ALUZINC® steel sheets, punched per square 20 x 20Decreasing price according to order volume Technical description Quote online Presentation Technical specifications Presentation Introducing our…

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Jerrycan box

Jerrycan box Made in ALUZINC thickness 2 mm3 compartments width = 167mm  Quote online Jerrycan box Presentation Technical specifications Presentation Introducing our ALUZINC Jerrican Storage Box – a reliable and…

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Specific box

Specific box Neorali Box made of Aluzinc® plates or Aluminium depending on the model. SHEET(S) / CASEBOARD(S) PAINTED DOOR ONLY OR COMPLETE EXTERIOR as an option Decreasing price according to the volume…

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Customized box

Customized boxNeorali We can respond to your requests for custom-made safes.Choice of materials: Aluzinc®/ Aluminium/Stainless steelOptions of your choice: complete painting, door only, shelf, drawer, sliding tray, basket...Decreasing price according…

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